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Why Do Some Atheists Believe in Ghosts?

I know the only requirement for atheism, by definition, is lack of a belief in any deities, but I’ll never understand why some atheists believe in things like ghosts.

If ghosts are real then that means that souls are real. If souls and ghosts are real then that has to mean that there is some sort of afterlife. If an afterlife is real then how can you say that a god is not? If there is no god then how is there an afterlife? What is the purpose of it? How did it come into being? I’m sorry but one’s atheism logically tends to falter and fall apart when a belief in ghosts is introduced.

Furthermore, what is a “ghost”? Is it a soul? Is it just energy? If it’s just “energy” then how come so many ghost believers say that ghosts have interacted with them? If your consciousness is gone and all you leave behind is an unintelligent, residual energy then how does it interact with people? How does it knock things over? How does it talk to people? How does it touch people? How does a “ghost” only being left over energy account for what they call “intelligent hauntings”?

Every argument that I’ve ever seen from a handful of atheists who believe in ghosts sound just like the arguments that theists use for justifying their belief in god. Substitute “god” for “ghost” and the arguments would be completely interchangeable.

Belief in the supernatural, any supernatural element, follows the same basic blueprint.



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