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The Friendly Atheist and anti-atheist propaganda

Well, it seems that the Friendly Atheist, Hemant Mehta, (, pictured below, has also gotten caught up in the anti-atheist propaganda surrounding the beating of an Ohio pastor by an alleged (but never proved) “militant atheist.”

The Friendly Atheist
In his article ( he even states:

You could make an argument that it’s wrong to say “an atheist beat up a pastor” because it’d be much more appropriate to say “a criminal beat up a pastor.” Fair point. I completely agree.

There’s no getting around that detail, though: Maxie was an atheist.

That’s such bullshit. The attack/beating was not motivated by Maxie’s atheism. It was motivated by his rage at the Pastor implying right in front of him that he beats his girlfriend. The way the pastor went about this was extremely stupid, and seems intentionally-provoking, but that in no way means that he deserved the beating that he received. There’s no defense of violence like this at all. That being said, to bring up his atheism is nothing but a cheap shot at atheists for theists to use and say, “See! Atheists are just as violent as you claim that Christians are!” And the “Friendly Atheist” is only helping to promote that fallacy.

Friendly Atheist is becoming more and more of a we-are-the-world/can’t-we-all-just-get-along bleeding heart who is sucking up to religionists by trying to make atheists look meek and non-threatening. Next he’s gonna start fucking singing “Kumbaya” and holding hands in a multi-faith prayer circle.

I mean, seriously! I like most of what FA posts, but this is nonsense. He’s buying into and spreading the anti-atheist propaganda about this story without so much as presenting the facts of the matter in an unbiased manner. He’d rather pacify religionists than stand up and speak the truth of the matter.

It reminds me of Malcolm X talking about black civil rights leaders in the 60s who would try and pacify the white racists by telling them that people like X and the Nation of Islam were not what all black people were like and trying to demonize their actions just to satisfy the white racists.

Hemant Mehta needs to stop worrying so much about being a “friendly atheist” and focus a bit more on being a factual atheist.


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